Who is Darcie?

My typical bio says I’m a crafty California girl, mom of 3, wannabe nerd, phpBB Community Team Member, corn allergy lady.

For a little break down-

  • I live in California and I’ve been sewing/crafting all my life
  • I have three kids
  • I love the nerd life, but I need more actual knowledge to get there
  • I sometimes moderate the forums for phpBB, the #1 Open Source Forum Software, but usually just take a backseat lately.
  • I have an allergy to corn that began in June 2010

I love WordPress, Facebook, and Pinterest! I don’t get Twitter because there aren’t enough spaces for me to elaborate and not enough likes on my tweets. I’m a better teacher than a do-er, and I learned this from an early age while helping my brother play Nintendo games.

As of May 2021, I work for Automattic. I’m not available for outside contracting or side projects. I still do not run the internet, so please do not contact me to take down websites or support any websites which I do not own.

I made this site because I have a lot of sites and want to link them all to one place. And I’m a serial domain buyer. I have a list of the sites with my name I do and do not own. My white whale is darc.ie but I’m not qualified. (Anyone in Ireland want to help me out? j/k)


  • darcie.blog
  • darcie.me
  • darcie.link
  • darcie.fyi

Not me:

  • darcie.com
  • darcie.net
  • darcie.org
  • darcie.us
  • darcie.design
  • darcie.uk, .de, .ch. .co
  • darcie.co.uk
  • darcie.com.au
  • darcie.space
  • darcie.rocks
  • darcie.photography
  • darcie.name
  • darcie.tech
  • darcie.online
  • darcie.site
  • darcie.institute
  • darcie.property
  • darcie.top
  • darcie.net.ph, .org.ph
  • darcie.blog I bought in 2022
  • darcie.art
  • darcie.games
  • darcie.inc
  • darcie.shop
  • darcie.website

*Strikethroughs are no longer registered

This is from 2015 and false advertising, ok?

And this all leads me to my suspicion that darcies hate usernames.

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